We hope our Sunday meetings will be helpful both to those who are following Jesus already and those who are finding out about him for the first time.

Our aim is to encourage people to be followers of Jesus during the rest of the week. Our meetings are informal in style and each one is usually just over an hour long. Every week they include a mixture of Bible teaching, singing, notices, prayers and readings. We also regularly share the Lord’s Supper together.

We are keen to welcome young and old to our Sunday meetings. To that end we provide a full range of children and young people’s work for 0-15s so that they can benefit from teaching and activities especially aimed at their age group. From time to time our children and young people stay in with the adults reminding us that we’re all one family. The best way to get a feel for our meetings is to come along one Sunday and meet us for yourself


Throughout the week we’re keen to meet together in various ways to encourage each other. We’d love everyone to get stuck into God’s word with a small group of other believers in way that challenges and encourages them in their walk with Jesus. If you’d like to come to one of our small groups or join a prayer triplet or Bible reading partnership please contact us.

Prayer Meetings

One of the privileges we have as Christians is to pray to our Father in heaven. We’re keen to take that privilege up as a congregation. Therefore, we meet via Zoom on the first Tuesday of each month at 8pm to pray together. Download the Monthly Prayer Diary:

Nurture Groups

Our midweek Nurture group Bible studies are really important to our church life together. Many of us find that meeting up weekly with a small group of people to help one another understand God’s word better and to pray together really helps us to grow in our relationship with God and with one another.

All regular members of the St Nic’s@Lady B’s congregation are encouraged to belong to a small group if at all possible; it is also a great way for newcomers to make friends!

There are different groups that meet at different times on different days; hopefully you’ll find something that will work for you.

There are also various training evenings throughout the year - more details can be found here.

If you would like more info about any of the groups please email Hannah. Or feel free to contact group leaders directly.

There are also various training evenings throughout the year and details are published on the weekly news sheet.

Bible Reading Partnerships and Prayer Triplets

Bible reading partnerships and prayer triplets are simply smaller versions of our small groups. We’d very much encourage individuals in StNics@LadyBoswell’s to be involved in these if they can.

Women’s Study Group

Many of the women at St Nic’s @ Lady B’s are part of Mum’s Study Group, which meets alternate Fridays in St Nicholas Church building. There is a creche provided for this group. This means women with young children have the time and space to look at God’s word together, pray and care for each other. If you’d like more information about this please contact Andrea Trevenna.

We also benefit from the many midweek activities run by St. Nicholas. Please click on the links for further details. Particularly those geared towards particular age groups:

Centrepoint Clubnight - a Wednesday night group for those in Year 7-10
Contact - a group for those in Year 11-13
The Marriage Course - for married couples who want to work together at investing in their marriage
The Marriage Preparation Course - for couples who are planning to get married and want to develop strong foundations for a lasting marriage
There’s also many more! Please see the St Nicholas website for full details or ask us if there’s a particular type of group you’re looking to join.