In light of the current situation, we are live streaming a service on Sunday. All services will be available to watch after their initial broadcast, and you can rewind to watch with a delayed start.

For the 10:00am service on Sunday 29th March, please download and/or print the News Sheet using the link below, then click for the Live Stream.

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The pictures are pretty small so here are copies in case you’d like to print off and children can use them while I tell the story.
Jesus and Peter.pdf
Courtyard scene.pdf
Priests elders and temple guard.pdf

You will also need:

Whilst doing the craft discuss;

  • What did Peter do? Why do you think he did that?
  • How did he feel?

The game is a good old fashioned round of Blind Man’s Bluff.docx and discuss the following;

  • How does it feel to be blind folded? It’s fun when you feel safe and you know it’s just a game and that those around you will look after you. That wasn’t the case for Jesus. It wasn’t a game. And he wasn’t safe.
  • How do you think Jesus might have felt?
  • Why did he let the soldiers treat him that way?

For those of you with preschoolers you may want to try watching some of the video clip. Or if that’s too much why not read a version of this story from a children’s Bible (The Jesus Story Book Bible has a great version). Then use this Preschool Colouring Sheet- Trials and Denials.pdf and the craft discussion questions before saying a simple prayer. Then maybe sing Jesus' Love is Very Wonderful or have a repeat of last weeks song He died Upon the Cross !