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With the book room currently closed, we are happy to share the following recommendations and links which we pray will be of support to you at this time. Each book title contains a link to an online bookstore. We will add further recommendations as they become available.

Adult books:

Tract - Hope beyond coronavirus - Roger Carswell

Five things to pray in a Global Crisis - recommended by Peter Cheesman
A new release by Good Book Company on prayer (and written by Rachel Jones) is the latest offering in a series put together by Carl Laferton.

‘Coronavirus and Christ’ - John Piper - recommended by Angus MacLeay
E-book (mobi & epub versions) & mp3 versions are free on the desiring god website

‘Where is God in a coronavirus world?’ - John Lennox - recommended by Angus MacLeay
sold by the Goodbook Company

Truth we can touch – Tim Chester – recommended by Angus MacLeay
It’s particularly poignant to recommend the best book that I have read on the sacraments at a point in time when neither can be held at St Nicholas Church due to the COVID-19 restrictions. I think this book will help me to treasure the significance of broken bread and poured out wine much more than in the past. Thoroughly warm and biblical as well as engaging and accessible.

Kiss the Wave: Embracing God in Your Trials– Dave Furman – recommended by Andrea Trevenna
The title of the book comes from the Charles Spurgeon quote “I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the rock of ages” and from the starting point of his own personal experience of living with the constant pain of a debilitating nerve disorder, Dave warmly and gently shows us how God, in his grace is always working for good through all the circumstances of our lives. I found this book hugely honest and realistic about the pain and struggles of this life but wonderfully Christ centred full of gospel hope.

Life Together – Dietrich Bonhoeffer– recommended by Hannah Blake
Bonhoeffer is best known for being part of the resistance in Nazi Germany, but before his imprisonment and execution he was a Christian minister and professor in a underground seminary. He wrote this short book to offer advice on how families and groups can sustain life together in Christ. It’s such a helpful book to read and reflect on at this time of social isolation, as we yearn for good Christian fellowship. The third chapter, ‘The Day Alone’, is especially helpful as it examines the goodness of both solitude and community in light of the joy of hearing the Word and responding in prayer.

Risen Motherhood – Emily Jensen & Laura Wifler - recommended by Hannah Blake
For mums - but I think anyone could benefit from it! Most mums of young children would agree that very often, day to day home life seems monotonous and insignificant. It’s hard to find the purpose, hard to get your act together, hard to see what you’re supposed to be aiming at. This book is written for those mums, and by two of them! It applies the big story of the Bible, from creation to new creation, to many of the realities of being a mum, seeking to show how the death and resurrection of Jesus transforms everything. From transitions to traditions and self-care to schooling choices, it will encourage you to find gospel hope in every aspect of motherhood

Children’s books:

Jesus and the Very Big Surprise – Randall Goodgame & Catalina Echeverri – recommended by Cara Smith
Teaching children (3-7 years) that Jesus will return, and when he does, there will be a big surprise. Beautifully illustrated and poignantly written

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness – Andrew Peterson – recommended by Cara Smith
Singer-songwriter Andrew Peterson spins a page-turning tale of redemption peppered with songs, poems, and hilarious asides that follow the Igiby family through a fantastical world of wonders. For 8-12 years.

Treasures of the Snow – Patricia St John – recommended by Hannah Blake
This was a nostalgia-filled read for me recently! I enjoyed lots of Patricia St John as a child but did wonder whether I would still enjoy her work now. Turns out I did. Treasures of the Snow is the story of Annette, her brother Dani, and a neighbourhood boy Lucien, who all live in a village in the Swiss Alps. When Lucien does something dreadful to Dani, Annette knows she can never forgive him. But when she finds herself in trouble, she begins to see how she needs forgiveness just as much as he. A story full of adventure, tragedy, excitement, snow and sledges, but above all the love and mercy of God. For 8-12 years.

We need to talk about race

A one-page summary of Ben Lindsay’s book, We Need to Talk About Race.
Peter Rowan writes “This is an excellent book and is regularly highlighted on social media as a book that white Christian leaders and churches in the UK should read. The [summary] was written by Grace Robinson, our OMF intercultural worker seconded to Holy Trinity Plat, Manchester. Grace has been reading books by Majority World and BAME authors and sharing reviews and summaries for the Plat staff team to discuss.”

Other Resources:
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Bible reading notes:
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