At St Nicholas we run two different courses on the subject of marriage:

  1. The Pre-Marriage Course For couples who are planning to get married and want to develop strong foundations for a lasting marriage
  2. The Marriage Course For married couples who want to work together at investing in their marriage

The Pre-Marriage Course is open to all engaged couples, whether or not they are planning to get married at St Nicholas. Each course is led by a married couple, who host five evening sessions in their home including a meal.

To apply for The Pre-Marriage Course, or for more information, please complete the Registration Form and view the Pre Marriage Course Summary.

The NEXT Marriage Course will run online October 2022. More info to follow. It takes place over seven evening sessions and the course is for any married couple. Some couples already have a strong relationship; others are in need of help. Either way the course offers a lifetime of practical ideas and tools to invest in the future of any couple

The Marriage Course is based on Christian principles, but is open to all regardless of church membership. Many non-church couples have enjoyed the course in past years.

To apply for The Marriage Course please complete the Registration Form and for more information, please view the Marriage Course Summary.

Queries on either course should be directed to Alan Bowen via the Church Office.