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St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks is a large Anglican evangelical church in the centre of Sevenoaks, seeking to bring glory to God through proclaiming and obeying his Word. We believe that the heart of the gospel is that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, to bring us forgiveness and new life. We seek to proclaim this message joyfully to people in Sevenoaks and throughout the world.

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Response to Covid-19

PLEASE NOTE: Following latest guidance from the Church of England, unfortunately all church services have been suspended until further notice.

Recognising that at this time, people are understandably anxious and concerned, our Rector Angus MacLeay has produced a number of resources to help in the current situation.

Angus' Letter 30.03.2020
Angus' Letter 27.03.2020
Angus' Letter 24.03.2020
Angus' Letter 19.03.2020
Angus' Letter 17.03.2020
Angus' Letter 11.03.2020
Report from Mark Oden

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Our Vision

  • Explore God’s word

    as Christ’s disciples

  • Equip God’s people

    as Christ’s servants

  • Explain God’s gospel

    as Christ’s ambassadors