All of us will be aware of the developing situation in Ukraine. Though the advances of the Russian Army appear to have slowed, the relentless artillery fire is constantly wreaking damage and death and adding to the climate of fear and vulnerability forcing many into exile as refugees. The numbers on the move are staggering. How do we respond?

Homes for Ukrainian Refugees:

You will be aware that the Government has launched the Homes for Ukraine programme, and many may have already registered. If you have registered, please feel able to let us know so that as a Church family we can support you as you seek to show compassion in this incredibly practical way. You may also wish to keep in touch with Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees who are seeking to coordinate local support. Please also be aware of The Sanctuary Foundation which is seeking to be a means of sponsoring and coordinating the UK response in linking Ukrainian refugees with families and organisations.

Practical Reponse

Several families in St Nicholas church are preparing to host Ukranian refugees. Heather Williams has created a google doc with needs which are updated regularly. Please do take a look if you would like to help in this way. Please click here for link

Please contact Heather Williams if you can provide any of the above. On 07788 842465


It would be good to support each other in this so that together as a Church family across all our congregations we can show compassion. Please do email or phone the office if you are going to host an individual or family so that we can support you.