July 2016

This year we will be holding our St. Nicholas Church Houseparty at home from Friday 1st July until Sunday 3rd July 2016. We are very much looking forward to having two speakers with us both of whom will be familiar faces to many.

Sam Allberry

Sam was converted through the ministry of Contact and started attending St. Nicholas as a teenager. After university and then ordination he served at St. Ebbe’s Oxford as Curate and then at St. Mary’s Maidenhead as Associate Vicar. During that time he has developed into a fine Bible teacher and writer. His books include “Lifted” (on the resurrection) and “Connected” (on the Trinity). He has also written a very helpful book on the issue of human sexuality, “Is God anti-gay?”, and more recently in the same series, “Why bother with church?” Sam’s role has changed in recent months and, though still based in Maidenhead, he is now part of the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries team at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and he is also UK editor for the Gospel Coalition. He will be helping us to think through what it means for us as Christians to be ‘in Christ’.

Rico Tice

Rico has spoken at St. Nicholas on many occasions and he will be preaching at our united service which will be held at St. Nicholas at 10.30am, Sunday 3rd July. He is based at All Souls Langham Place in London. He is a particularly gifted evangelist and regularly travels far and wide to speak about the Lord Jesus Christ. He has developed the Christianity Explored course which we have used at St. Nicholas over many years. He is currently behind a new course which will be released in the autumn - “Life Explored”.

There will be many reasons for you to join us over the Houseparty at Home weekend. They will include:

  • The opportunity for us to gather all our congregations together in one place.
  • Great children’s work on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the marquee in the Rectory garden.
  • A variety of entertainments on Saturday afternoon and evening.

The opportunity to catch up with friends and make new friends over breakfast, picnics or the hog roast.

However amidst all these things our main focus for the weekend will be the Lord Jesus Christ. Our aim is to hear His voice and respond in worship - with lives shaped, transformed and encouraged by Christ so that we live for Him!

Don’t miss out. Please use the booking slip to help us in estimating numbers for catering. Please support the weekend with a small contribution, even if you find