February 2017

Toolbox is a series of three Sunday evenings – 19th February, 26th February and 5th March.

It starts at 6.30pm like normal evening Service. However on arrival there will be a number of different seminars available. The aim behind offering these different seminars is to explore the interface between God’s word and the world. We know that our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ needs to be lived out within a fallen world, and these Toolbox seminars are designed to give us extra resources to assist us to be faithful in navigating our way through the complexities of modern life.

Without going through the details of each and every seminar, there are a couple of main themes that I would want to highlight:

  1. Resisting the world’s agenda:
    On Sunday 26th February, one of our visiting speakers will be Karen Soole and her subject will be ‘Delusions of gender’. She will be helping us to think through the whole issue of transgender. We need to think through what the Bible actually says and we need help in thinking through how we can resist the drift in the world in this and other areas. The following Sunday, 5th March, we are joined by Colin Hart. He has been the Director of the Christian Institute from its inception in 1991. The aim of the Christian Institute is to encourage Christians to have an effective influence on British public life, and they have been at the forefront in a number of high-profile campaigns. Romans 12:1,2 speaks of the importance of having our minds transformed so that we no longer conform to the world’s way of thinking – both these seminars are designed to help us in that process.
  2. Engaging with the world:
    We have a glorious gospel that needs to be faithfully applied to all the peoples of the world. It is a global vision and yet we know across the world there are many challenges. This year we have a number of opportunities to think through how we can engage better with the world around us. Sunday 19th February, Gavin McGrath and Steve Osei-Mensah will be presenting an extremely stimulating lecture by Os Guiness given at the Third Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering, held in Jakarta last year. It is an enormously stimulating presentation which I whole-heartedly commend. On that same Sunday evening, James and Caroline Steer from OMF and Jamie Read from Crosslinks will be helping us think through God’s strategy for reaching the world through the local church. A few weeks later, Sunday 5th March StJohn and Ellie Perry (OMF) will be sharing their experiences from Sabah, whilst Martin Greenslade will be presenting information about the significant work being undertaken by Intertnational Justice Mission – a Christian Human Rights Organisation which is involved in rescues and bringing perpetrators to justice around the world. In Philippians 1:7 the apostle Paul speaks about both defending as well as confirming the gospel. Both are needed.

The Toolbox seminars listed above are designed to help us in the defence and confirmation of the gospel. I do hope that you will be able to join me – if you are able to indicate in advance, using the reply slip available at the church, that would be enormously helpful in allocating appropriate space for each seminar on the night. I do hope that you will join me in praying that each seminar including those not listed above, will be the means of strengthening our understanding of how God’s word is to be applied in God’s world.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Angus MacLeay

February 2017