August 2017

Back to work, back to school…..but will it be any different this time around? Many of us find it so easy to slip back into our old and comfortable routines but yet in our hearts we long for a fresh start. At our best we long that things would be different but so often we find that our hopes cannot be sustained.

On Sunday evenings through the autumn we will be studying the book of Ezra. After many years of exile in Babylon, it tells of how God’s people were brought back to Jerusalem and given a new start. It shows how they put devotion to the Lord at the centre of their corporate life as they rebuilt the altar celebrating God’s enduring love (Ezra 3:10, 11). It shows how they coped with opposition and difficulties confident that the Lord would protect and watch over them (Ezra 4-6). It shows how they were dependent, through Ezra, upon the word of God (Ezra 7:10) and how in obedience to God’s words they sought to return to God’s ways (Ezra 9, 10). In summary it depicts a people experiencing a fresh start graciously provided by the Lord. It therefore seems to be ideally suited to assist us in rebuilding the foundations of our lives in a way which gives us a fresh relationship with God. Why don’t you join us as we gather as God’s people praying that together we would experience a fresh start with the Lord which would enliven us in serving our Living God in these coming months?

Matt and Sally Taylor
One of the preachers in our Ezra series will be our new curate, Matt Taylor. Matt and Sally join us from 1st September with Matt’s ordination scheduled for 3pm, Saturday 30th September 2017 at Rochester Cathedral. Please pray for them as they settle into Sevenoaks and as Sally begins a university course in London. Pray for Matt as he starts to work amongst us, that he would be a great ambassador for Christ and the gospel and that through his ministry many would be able to make a fresh start with Jesus.

Angus MacLeay

September 2017