August 2018

Over the coming weeks members of St. Nicholas will be hearing about the new initiative, the Sevenoaks Gospel Trust. In particular there will be an opportunity at 8pm, Sunday 16th September to find out more from the Trustees to enable everyone to understand its aim and purpose.

Many churches up and down the country have connections with separate Trusts through which the ongoing work of the gospel can be pursued. Indeed for many years St. Nicholas benefitted through the Parish Hall Trust which had been set up at the time amidst concerns about the direction of the denomination in the 1920s! Trusts are often used to protect assets from future changes in fundamental doctrines. Through the Trust it is possible for an individual to make donations to support the gospel within Sevenoaks confident in the knowledge that even if the denomination should stray, their donation would remain fully committed to serving the purposes for which the Trust has been established.

The Sevenoaks Gospel Trust is a registered charity (no. 1179316) and its Trustees are Mark Harding (Chair), Paul Batchelor, Debs Drury, Jeremy Marshall and Gavin Watson. Additional members of the charity include some former staff members: Joe Dent, Naomi de Grey-Warter and Anthony Bewes. In due course the Trust will be producing a leaflet and further details will also be found on their website.

Clearly it is vitally important that as a church family we continue to fund the work of the gospel through the St. Nicholas PCC but I welcome this additional resource which some people will wish to use and look forward to collaborating with the Trustees of the Sevenoaks Gospel Trust as together we seek to provide all the resources required for the continuance of the work of the gospel in Sevenoaks.

Please join us at the meeting, 8pm Sunday 16th September, where the Trustees will be present to speak about this new initiative.

Angus MacLeay
Rector, St. Nicholas Sevenoaks

August 2018