October 2018

From time to time I come across a Christian book which is particularly outstanding due to the themes covered as well as its handling of the Scriptures and pastoral application. Recently I came across ‘Enjoying God’ by Tim Chester published by The Good Book Company. It is an enormously helpful book and I want to explain why this is the case.

  1. It’s a tremendous theme! We have all sorts of books on prayer and reading the Bible or about discipleship and evangelism but this book cuts to the central aspect of our faith. The first question in the Westminster catechism is ‘What is the chief end of man?’ and the answer given is 'The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.' Yes, we trust God, we follow Him, we obey Him, we worship Him … but our main aim and purpose which we often forget is to enjoy God! So this is a book which should rekindle our joy in Christ and renew our excitement in the Christian life.
  2. It is earthed in the practicalities of everyday life. The illustrations Tim Chester uses as well as the practical application questions at the end of each chapter reveal that this has not been written in an ivory tower. Instead it breathes a sense of reality as all sorts of issues are handled with a recognition of the struggles we face in our daily lives. And they are handled in a warm and compassionate manner – an author who is not berating us but patiently encouraging us to go deeper with God.
  3. It handles the Scriptures in a thoughtful and engaging manner. Here you will find solid doctrine and careful explanation of the Bible but it is conveyed with a lightness of touch. Sometimes a chapter will focus on one short passage whilst at other times the author gathers together a theme which stretches across all the Scriptures. From time to time a new vista was opened up which thrilled my heart and my main problem in reading the book was wanting to read too quickly instead of letting each chapter sink in!

One of the reviewers states ‘Enjoying God is gourmet food for the weary soul.’ Whether your soul is weary or not, get the book and enjoy the feast.

Another reviewer writes in the inside cover ‘I absolutely loved this book. It has been a huge blessing, like cool refreshing water for my soul….My heart was softened and warmed as Tim held up all that the Father, Son and Spirit have done, and continue to do, to enable us to truly experience and enjoy an intimate relationship with God and know his daily goodness, grace and love in the messy reality of our daily lives. I finished the book marvelling at our glorious God, feeling humbled, excited, encouraged and spurred on.’ [Andrea Trevenna!]

While stocks last we have copies at the special offer of £5. Please get hold of a copy and I am sure that it will be a wonderful encouragement to you in your Christian life.

Angus MacLeay

Rector, St Nicholas, Sevenoaks