January 2019

Many of us have found Tim Chester’s book “Enjoying God” enormously helpful. I was particularly struck by these words from his opening paragraphs:

"I believe in more. More of God. More to come, to be sure, but also more now.
We can know God more. You can know God more……This book is about how you can experience more of God."

As we set out into 2019 it’s good to set ourselves individually and corporately that same vision of “more”. Wouldn’t it be great to reach the end of the year with an increased devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can look back and trace the way that our love for others, both within St. Nicholas and beyond, has grown?

In our morning Services at 9.15am and 11am we are focussing on the book of 2 Peter. Both at the start and the end it’s about “more”. 2 Peter 3:18 sums up the message of Peter "but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.“ And 2 Peter 1:5ff at the beginning shows us in what way we are to grow by ”making every effort to add to your faith." Healthy plants grow, and that vision of spiritual growth should be a natural aspiration for every believer.

So, the challenge of Christ to each of us is to grow by adding to our faith. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if as a church family we took this call seriously, encouraging ourselves and each other to grow so that each of us can experience and taste more of the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ in 2019.

In the context of all sorts of difficulties (outlined in 2 Peter 2), Peter encourages us to hold firmly to God’s word (1:12-21 and 3:1-10), but his key message at both the beginning (1:1-11) and end (3:11-18) is that we should be growing! We will need all of God’s help to do that so let us commit prayerfully to a vision of "more" for 2019.

(Rector, St. Nicholas Sevenoaks)

January 2019