October 2019

On Sunday evening 6 October at 8pm at St Nicholas we have the opportunity to consider this vital question.

Many of us are looking with concern at what has been developing within the wider Church of England and sections of the Anglican Communion over recent years. The denomination appears to have moved away from its biblical moorings and seems to be adrift as it follows the agenda set by the world. In general, our response has been to ignore that wider context and focus on our responsibility as simply to get on with the urgent task of proclaiming the gospel within Sevenoaks. But is there more that we should do and how should we relate to the wider church?

On Sunday evening I will seek to respond to a number of important questions in such a way as to inform church members what is happening and also to provide some direction concerning the future.

The key questions which need to be addressed:

  1. What is the fundamental nature of the Church of England? What lies at the heart of being ‘Church of England’?
  2. What changes have already occurred within the Church of England in the last 12 months and what further changes may we expect to see in the coming year?
  3. What are the reasons that some clergy and congregations are already starting to leave the Church of England?
  4. Is it possible to conceive of situations where clergy are forced out of the Church of England?
  5. In order to remain within the Church of England as faithful Bible believers what is the appropriate strategy?
  6. What place should the existence of the Sevenoaks Gospel Trust have in our thinking and planning as a church family in the coming years?

We will deliberately be leaving space for questions. Further, this is designed to be the first of a series of meetings which considers these sorts of issues in order to improve communication within our church family in these significant areas.

Please join me as we seek to navigate these difficult issues in ways which best honour the Lord Jesus Christ and His word.

Your servant in Christ,

Angus MacLeay