January 2020

Starting a new year and a new decade gives us a great opportunity to re-evaluate things in all sorts of areas of life. Though we can make resolutions at any point in the year the start of January is a great time to reconsider our priorities. What are the things which we need to focus on in the coming months, whether in the home or in the workplace? And in terms of our life together as Christ’s disciples, how can we refocus on the most important things?

A few years ago, we developed a Vision Statement and it’s helpful to return to it regularly in order to refocus our work for the Lord Jesus.

  1. We want to explore God’s word. The idea of exploring conjures up the excitement of an adventure where there are fresh things to be discovered and new treasures to be found. That’s exactly the thought behind this statement. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get bored with the Bible or for our Bible reading habits to become stale. My prayer at the start of this year is that each one of us, including even our youngest children, will be excited afresh at the new discoveries about the Lord Jesus which await us in God’s word!
  2. We want to be equipped as God’s people. Knowing Christ for ourselves is an extraordinary privilege but it is supposed to make a difference to how we live in our world. Our Christian life is not summed up by how we act at church on a Sunday. Rather, we gather in order to be equipped to serve Christ within the world, in our neighbourhoods, families and workplaces. My prayer is that St Nicholas would be a place which equips each of us to make a difference for Christ wherever God has placed us!
  3. We want to explain God’s Gospel. We have experienced the wonder and joy of coming to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and we want many others to know Him for themselves. Our desire therefore is that through the ministry of St Nicholas, both in terms of the special events, meetings and courses which focus on explaining the good news, and also in terms of our individual opportunities, we long for the gospel to make further progress. My prayer is that with the help of God’s Spirit we would see many more people come to know the Lord Jesus in this coming year!

This January we have a special focus in our 20/20 initiative on our friends finding out more about Christ. Several groups have already organised gatherings in their homes which is wonderful. It culminates in the visits of Daf Meirion-Jones at Grace Church and 4OC on Sunday 19 Jan and then on Sunday 26 Jan at the main St Nicholas building, Glen Scrivener [morning] and Jeremy Marshall [evening]. Please pray that all our endeavours will lead to the name of the Lord Jesus being honoured in more lives!

So, as we begin 2020 let’s re-examine our priorities around our three 'E’s – Explore, Equip and Explain.

In Christ’s service,

Angus MacLeay