Within this section of the website you can find detailed information on all the following midweek activities:

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Women’s Groups

We have a number of daytime Bible Study Groups, details of which are given below.

Monday - A fortnightly group led by Sue MacLeay

Wednesday - A fortnightly group led by Jess Heeb and Jeanette Marshall

Thursday – A fortnightly group led by Helen Greig, Chris Brindley and Carol Carpenter

Thursday - A weekly 4 O’clock church group led by Hannah Blake

Friday - A weekly group led by Andrea Trevenna

Friday - A weekly Grace Church group led by Hannah Blake

In addition to these groups, there is a weekly afternoon group, Tuesday Fellowship, for women of all ages. Women with Babies or pre-school children might be interested in Babies Club or Mum & Co. For our Christian basics course for women, follow the link to Christianity Explored.

Download the Autumn 2019 Women’s Event Term Card for more details.

Please contact Andrea Trevenna for further information or contact Hannah Blake for information about women’s events linking in with Grace Church or 4 O’Clock Church.