Look at your hands. What do you see?  Scars that recall childhood falls. Rings that signal the permanence of love. Wrinkles that confirm the years of toil.  Hands tell stories.


It is no surprise that the greatest story ever told feature hands at the beginning, middle and climax of the story. 

In the Bible God’s hands represent his creative power. Every sky formation, the work of his fingers. They demonstrate his sovereign control. His hand turns the hearts of Kings like a watercourse. 

Perhaps most powerful of all is His touch of compassion – one that brings grace and healing to the most wretched sinners and sufferers. 

The very hands that flung stars into space would – in time and space – surrender to the cruel nails of Roman execution on that first Good Friday.

Scars etched on the hands of Jesus Christ will last forever as a permanent reminder of his dying love for broken, weary sinners like you and me. 

So what would it take for you to put your hand in His?

They must be empty.

I can’t take hold of His hand if mine are full of the things I treasure. The old hymn puts it beautifully: ‘nothing in my hands I bring, simply to thy cross I cling’.

They must trust.

Ever seen a child take hold of a parent’s hand without looking? There is something intuitive. They know where they are, they know they will be received. They don’t need to earn that security. They just believe it to be so.

They must hold tight.

To be sure, we hold fast to him, because he first held fast to us. But hold fast we do – to every promise and every word uttered from His mouth. Through darkest valleys to the highest mountain summits. 

As Jesus Himself declares:

“I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.”

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