Centrepoint is open to everyone in years 7-9 whether you would consider yourself a Christian or not. Centrepoint is an opportunity to find out what Jesus has to say about the big questions in life.


We meet during all the Sunday morning services (apart from during family services), which are:
– St Nics@9.15 & St Nics@11 in the church building
– St Nics@ladyboswell’s in Lady Boswell’s School at 10am.


On Wednesdays during term time the Centrepoint groups from all the various congregations meet together in the Undercroft from 5.30pm-7pm. The evening is all focussed on knowing Jesus better and building strong Christian friendships around a full meal. It’s a great opportunity to bring friends.


Contact is open to all in years 10-13 whether Christian or not. Contact provides a chance to find out what Jesus has to say about the big questions in life.


We meet in a local café from 5pm-6.15pm every Sunday during term-time. Our meetings are all focussed on knowing Christ better, and building strong Christian friendships. The informal setting makes these meetings an ideal opportunity to bring friends.


Each year group also meets separately on Wednesday evenings in homes around Sevenoaks for Bible study and a chance to get to know each other better.


Sevenoaks Campaigners is a Uniformed organisation which provides a wide range of activities for those aged between 4 and 15, as well as Christian youth leadership training for those from 14 to 18+. We meet during term time at St John’s Hill U.R.C except during June and July when we meet outside in parks if the weather is fine.
4-5 years Thursday 4pm
6-10 years Mondays 6.15pm
11-15 years Mondays 7.30pm
For more information, contact


Join various St Nicholas youth leaders as we look through God’s word in our ‘Youth’ YouTube mini series. Originally filmed during the Covid pandemic, ‘Youth’ features short 10-15 minute talks on a variety of different topics and Bible passages, specifically aimed at young people, helping us to equip ourselves for the Christian life. Sound good? Why not check it out now.

For more resources to help you dig deeper into God’s word and explore the Christian faith, take a look at our resources page.



A highlight of the year is definitely Houseparty! Both Centrepoint and Contact have a Houseparty in the summer. These are a great opportunity to go away together to have fun and develop friendships while focussing on knowing Jesus better.

Contact Banquet

Every Christmas we hold a banquet for Contact. This is a great evening where we can meet together to enjoy a special Christmas meal.

Feel new to this?

We’d love to chat to you more about how to get involved with the St Nic’s Youth. If you have any questions, or just want to be in touch, please contact Simon Heather.